Secret Weapons Soundclips

All audio files created for this site are in RealAudio 3.0 format: with the software at my disposal, RA3 represents my optimum balance of quality and smallness. And you can get a free RealAudio player here, so it's a very accessible format, too.

Ed Bickert

Sunday Kind of Love - a solid example of Ed a capella
Sweet and Lovely - because the record production moves Ed way over there, you can clearly hear his breathtaking comping chords [if you have stereo speakers on your computer, that is]

Sonny Greenwich

from his album Bird of Paradise
from his album with Meantime, a side project with his son

Paul Pacanowski

adventures of baron augley - a solo clip showcasing Paul's impressive Trane/ Rollins synthesis
i love your smile - a really long clip, but necessary to bring you the whole, gorgeous theme of this classic original song that deserves to be a standard

Doreen Smith

This Masquerade - a song I'd always dismissed as a piece of George Benson pop fluff shows unsuspected depth here
This Can't Be Love - a standard, done justice

Time Warp

Time Warp - their Ornette-ish theme song
Nommo - a neat, stop-start, call-response theme
The Huckster - film noir cool

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