Perhaps more than any other musical form, jazz is a vast repository of hidden talent. Just getting by takes prodigious skill and ability, and there's never room at the top for everyone, never time for the audience to listen to every independently released recording. This inevitably leads to musicians following careers of only local or regional notoriety, while others who are "no better" make the covers of magazines and the tops of charts. (Jazz has gotta be something you do out of love, cuz it's so hard to make money from it.)
  • Probably most jazz fans know of great musicians in their area who play in relative obscurity; it's a story that happens thousands of times. This site is my attempt to champion the cause of some of the excellent and under-appreciated jazz artists in my particular home and native land. (I have no official connection with any of them, I just happen to love what they do.) Here you will find links to:
  • Caveat visitor:
    Parts of this site are my personal reminiscences, feelings, insights, etc... driving home the point that this music doesn't happen in a vacuum: it touches people's lives in a very real way. However, you're under no obligation to plow through my opinions, I keep them separated off from the facts and the artists which are the true raison d'être here!

    Please enjoy!

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