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Paul Pacanowski,

Saxophone Synergy

Hear Paul Play
First Memories of Paul Pacanowski
Or: how I came to dig him

The story of saxophonist Paul Pacanowski is basically a simple one: a musician good enough to hold his own with anyone, including the biggest names in the field... but with no record deal, no awards, no stories in Down Beat or Jazziz, none of the trappings we usually associate with "greatness". So it is left to Paul to release his own recordings, hustle his own gigs, play where opportunity presents itself -- and bowl over anyone with ears that work. If there is true and complete justice, his time will come.

It's generally acknowledged that, in the world of post-bop jazz, there are two major schools of tenor saxophone that continue to exert a lasting influence to this day, epitomized by Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane. Paul Pacanowski represents more than a synthesis: his playing is a synergy of these major streams of jazz, combining the dark power and thematic coherence of Rollins with the freedom and keening, sinewy fluidity of Trane, forming a strong new voice for the instrument. He is, in a sense, the future of mainstream tenor.

But as if that weren't enough, he's fluent in many other instruments, and other fields of music... and he's just plain great to listen to!

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