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About Doreen

Doreen Smith Doreen Ann Smith was born in Montréal, Québec on October 18th, 1954. She began her singing career with a number of local rock bands, culminating in a three-year stretch with one-hit wonders Major Hoople's Boarding House. In the 80s she was singing with Shakey Ground, drifting more into blues, and developing an itch to get into jazz.

Her breakthrough came in 1991, when the Hillside Festival invited her to do a set with the straightahead Jane Ellenton Trio. The gig went well, Doreen got noticed, she and the trio gelled, and they've continued to appear together on occasion ever since. Furthermore, Doreen snagged the Ellenton Trio for her debut indie recording Centrepiece the following year.

Since then, she has continued to devote more of her energies to her jazz appearances and broadened her base of operations; she has become a regular sight at regional jazz festivals and clubs, she sang with the Niagara Symphony Orchestra in the fall of '93, and has on several occasions been chosen to sing the national anthem at the opening of Jays games! (Sure, it ain't the Village Vanguard, but still...)

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